The DFN is a global platform to inspire insightful interaction, collaboration and cooperation among the stakeholders from industry and academia of digital fashion.

Led by Dr Abu Sadat Muhammad Sayem, the project will identify the challenges in adopting digital innovations and areas of further development through a series of online and hybrid activities and start thinking about and answering the following questions.

1) What is the current status of digitalisation in Western fashion companies and their vendors in Eastern countries?

2) What are the reasons for uneven digitalisation along the fashion supply chain, especially on the fashion manufacturers’ side in distant countries?

3) How can the collaboration between fashion consumers, designers and manufacturers be further improved with the help of digital tools to make fashion more sustainable?

4) What are the perceptions and needs of digital technologies from the users (designers, retailers and manufacturers) and how the technology providers are dealing with those?

5) How the digital technologies can seamlessly be integrated into the fashion curriculum, to what extent should that be done and how the teaching and learning can be further enhanced?

Innovation in digital fashion is wider than just computer-aided design (CAD) and manufacturing (CAM). Instead, it runs throughout the fashion supply chain.

From product life cycle management and developing new business models that promote sustainability to connecting virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) with fashion for enhanced consumer experience through smart solutions.

an image of the Digital Fashion Innovations publication