In parallel to Digital Fashion Innovation Conference (DFIC)

02 - 04 July 2024 | Manchester, UK

Call for Entries

The Digital Fashion Network (DFN) is going to host a 3D Design and Illustration Competition and Exhibition for the fashion and textile students. We are inviting undergraduate fashion and/or textile students from around the world to submit entries following the below criteria.

    • Generate a short video of maximum 120 second in any acceptable format with your 3D design/ virtual runway/ virtual exhibition using any industry standard 3D CAD software (see a sample).
    • You can use any external motion file imported into your 3D CAD system.
    • You are allowed to use any video editing or rendering tool to enhance your video quality clip.
    • Complete the submission form, get it signed by your tutor and email it to with an email subject “DFN 3D Design and Illustration C & E” by 30th May 2024. Do not attach your video clip in the email. You will be emailed back with details about how you will share your video clip with us.

We will accept maximum three entries from any single department or institute of any higher education institution (college or university). So, it is important to get approval from your tutor first before submitting any entry to this competition.

Top ten entries will be exhibited in parallel to Digital Fashion Innovation Conference (DFIC) (02 – 04 July 2024, Manchester) and top four entries will be awarded with prize money or gift vouchers.

Judgement Criteria:

All entries will be judged on their aesthetic and technical values.

    • Aesthetic aspects – artistic values of virtual clothing design, avatar design and morphing, materials section, background stage of surrounding atmosphere, background music etc. and their presentation will be assessed.
    • Technical aspects – technical points of digital patterns, avatar morphing and motion application, material simulation and video editing etc. will be evaluated.