The Path to Reliable Virtual Prototyping & Fitting Process

  • Speaker: Flora Zangue, 3D Fashion Specialist at the Hohenstein Digital Fitting Lab
  • When: 14:30 – 15:30 (UK Time), Tuesday 6 February 2024

Short description of the talk

Flora explained the opportunities and risks of using 3D simulations for virtual prototyping and fitting, beginning with the important basics of a 3D simulation process. She showcased the challenges of digital versus real prototypes and discussed the path to creating a digital twin. Participants learned how to maximize the utility of their 3D tools and the necessary steps to achieve a representation that closely resembles a real product, along with understanding any remaining differences.

Flora also shed light on sustainable practices, focusing on how to use 3D tools efficiently and create reliable virtual prototypes that fit accurately.

Speaker’s Bio

Flora Zangue is a 3D Fashion Specialist at the Hohenstein Digital Fitting Lab and is responsible for 2D & 3D product development. During her clothing technology studies at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, she became familiar with the traditional apparel development process. She is a part of the Hohenstein Team for 7 years now since she started in the fit testing and pattern departments.
In her present role, she forms bridge between 2D and 3D pattern development in the Hohenstein Digital Fitting Lab. This is the basis for creating 3D simulations for design, digital product communication and reliable virtual fitting. She is a key user for 3D simulation technology and is constantly passionate about driving this topic forward with training and lectures for customers, companies and universities. She previously worked for a made-to-measure clothing company, which sharpened her sense for well-fitting garments.