Digital anthropometrics and sizing

  • Speaker: Norsaadah Zakaria – Research Fellow -Taylor’s University, Founder-Sustainable Fashion Technology Business Hub- Universiti Teknologi Mara
  • When: 14:30 – 15:30, Tuesday 19th March 2024

Short description of the talk

Norsaadah Zakaria provided an explanation of anthropometric studies, highlighting the strategic planning involved in conducting the surveys and the importance of gathering anthropometric data. She began by illustrating the process of manual anthropometric surveys and then transitioned to the more contemporary approach of digital 3D body scanning. She explained why the digital method is preferred in modern times. Participants gained an understanding of how digital anthropometrics contribute to creating digital twins’ bodies, enhancing comprehension of the diverse sizes, shapes, and proportions of human bodies. Norsaadah also touched upon the early stages of her research, demonstrating elements of the anthropometric scanning method. She discussed how this method seamlessly integrated with the development of sizing systems, allowing for the exportation of data from the scanning process to the analytic system, which then clustered and calculated the size chart. Furthermore, she emphasised the sustainable significance of digital anthropometric data in sizing system development. This data led to better-fitting clothing, reduced the need for alterations, and minimised waste, thereby promoting the fashion industry.

Speaker’s Bio

Dr. Norsaadah Zakaria is a scholar and research fellow at Taylor’s University in Malaysia, specialising in anthropometric and sizing research for sizing system development. Over the two decades, she pioneered manual anthropometric development. With the availability of new scanning technology in Malaysia, she is now transitioning to digital anthropometric scanning and digital apparel product development.
As a research fellow, Dr. Zakaria collaborates with Ph.D. students, focusing on sustainable adoption in clothing technology research. She also serves as a specialised technical skills trainer for apparel product development, integrating digital technology for enhanced body shape understanding and clothing fit. Dr. Zakaria’s contributions extend beyond academia; she founded Telestia Malaysia Clotech Atelier Academy and the Sustainable Fashion Technology Business Hub. These institutions provide highly skilled training using specialized tools and digital systems, promoting technology-based independent and sustainable learning in the industry.
She is the co-editor of the well-cited book “Anthropometry, Apparel Sizing and Design”, a volume in Woodhead Publishing Series in Textiles, Elsevier.